Newsletter Update # 2 • April 20, 2007




Due to the overwhelming response to this newsletter, I’m sending this update sooner than expected. Keep your greetings, updates and photos rolling in!  I’ll send them along to the class…Thank you for your continued interest and newsletter contributions. Sara


CLASS REUNION INVITE:  An informal reunion is set for Saturday, June 2nd, 1 pm at Fremont Lake Park.  Bring your family!  The park offers swimming, beach volleyball, playground equipment and an ice cream shop. A casual evening social gathering will follow for dinner and drinks at a local restaurant along the lakeshore (Muskegon area). Time, location and cost will be determined.  If you have not responded yet and would like to attend, please notify Sara at Stay tuned for more details.


Mike and Michelle Bordeaux write: “We have two boys, Alex is 7 and Nate is 6. We will be adding a new addition to our family in early October.”  Mike and Michelle live in Fremont.


Sheree (Brown) Vanderwall writes: “Josh and I have been married almost 6 years and have a little boy, Devon, almost 3.  We have lived in Florida five years.  I taught at a high school in ESE classes until I quit to stay home with Devon.”


Dylan Cowles writes: “Hey “You All Everybody”, due to scheduling I won’t be able to make our 15 year anniversary, but here are some of the highlights of 2005-2006:  I won first place, co-writer and musical score, NYC midnight film contest (88 film crews competed from around the world), made the cover of CITILIFE Magazine, check out the online article/photos at, cover/article page 53. Kosmik Egg (my rock band) won “Best of the Bay 2006” in Creative Loafing Magazine (a local rag) ( and our video “One Drop” is getting played on the highest rated local cable show (hip-hip today).  For my acoustic band, Bleu Gravy, I wrote a song called “Florida”, it has been nominated to be the next state song, the current song used the word darkies and is on the choppin’ block, y’all!!!!  I really wish I could be there, but I guess I’ll see you in 5 at the 20-year.  Peace, Dylan. P.S. Saving the best for last, I’ve been married to my lovely wife Angela for 11 years!” Dylan lives in St. Petersburg, Florida.


John Eitniear writes: “Casie Karsten and I have been married for 8 years now and on February 19, 2005 we had our daughter Ella Grace.  We have been living back in Grand Rapids now for 6 years after a few years in Rochester, Minnesota and a few more in Jacksonville, Florida. I am currently working at Spectrum Health as a Pediatric Cardiac Sonographer and also am teaching part-time at GVSU.”


Robin (Ekkel) Bell writes: “I’ve been married to Eric Bell for almost 13 years, have a 15 year-old step-daughter, Ashleigh, and a 3-year-old son, Trevor.  I’ve been working for Gerber/Gerber Life for almost 10 years.”


Mindy (Groenendal) Wells writes: “After graduation, I went to cosmetology school in Muskegon.  I worked at Jeannette’s Hair Designs (now Uppercuts by Valerie) for 2 years. In 2001, I started working at Pine Medical Group where I am now a Medical Biller. In 1998, Ron started his own business, Wells Well Drilling. Ron is the 4th generation of Wells to be a well driller. Ron and I got married on August 5, 1995. I can’t have children, and decided that was God’s plan and have come to terms with it.  Ron and I have a 10-year-old dog, Max. The summer of 2004, we built a new house just north of Fremont.  Ron and I are avid hunters and between the both of us have quite a few trophies throughout the house. We spend lots of time in the summer in the U.P. and camping at Benton Lake Campground.”


Brian McLean writes: “Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to any reunion events as I am living in California and already have my once a year trip home planned for July.  I wish I could see everyone though.  It would be fun to catch up and reminisce.  It has been nice to hear from those who have responded so far.  I can’t believe it has been fifteen years. The night after I received the first email with all of our classmates names attached I had a dream about our school days.  Everyone on that list was in my dream. It was a trip. I can’t remember it all but I think Bill Jones was Charlie Chaplin or maybe “Moneybags” from the board game Monopoly, and Adrienne Gines was Marilyn Monroe.  Aaron Bennett was there, and Tom Thompson. Lauren Stroschin looked like Amelia Earhart, and Daren Bolbolan had a little monkey on his shoulder (don’t ask).  We were all in canoes, standing up, floating down a river. Someone was singing opera, and a larger boat carried a full bar with Jason Dunbar as bartender. It was quite a scene.  We were all drunk and having a great time.  Anyway, I have been living in the San Francisco Bay area for about 4 years now.  I moved here after receiving my art degree from MSU and working for the MSU museum for a couple years.  Since I have been here I have had a few jobs.  I taught a sculptural wood working class for awhile at a community arts facility called The Crucible.  Now I work as Project Manager for a kick ass, architectural design firm called Cheng Design.  The experience has been great.  I was married for a couple years but I am now single. I still write, but not as much as I would like.  I sculpt, but not as much as I would like. I am still swimming and even entered a race last summer but more than swimming pools, I enjoy the ocean.  Like many of us though, work consumers most of my time.  Coming home this summer will be a nice break.  If anyone would like to contact me I hope they feel free to do so.  As my good friends will attest, I’m not real good at keeping in touch, but I will try to respond.  Have a good time at the reunion, and throw one back for me.  Brian.”


Amy (Moore) Visscher writes: “I have been married to Robb Visscher for 11 years and have a son and daughter, Hayden 9 and Taylor 5 (the perfect family J).  I stay very busy juggling the kids’ schedule and my career.  I am a Regional Manager for Group Five Management, a Property Management Company, and also do a little real estate on the side.”


Marie (Rawding) Goheen writes: “I moved to Ellensburg, Washington in 1996 and have been here ever since. My husband, Greg, and I have been together for 6½ years and married for a year-and-a-half. We have a very smart, adorable son, Ronan, who will be a year old in a few weeks.  I just started back in college winter quarter and I am going to study child brain development. I’m not sure if I can make it to the reunion, but I’d like to try. Hopefully I’ll see you all there.”


Description: SparksVicki (Rottier) Sparks writes: “Andy and I were married in July of 1996.  Andy has been farming on the family farm and I have been teaching special education at Fremont Middle School ever since. We have two fantastic little boys who bring so much joy to our lives. Tommy was born in December of 2002. He goes to preschool and loves to farm with his dad.  Drew was born in April of 2006. He is just starting to talk and also shows a love for being outside and riding in the tractor with his dad and his brother. I am outnumbered!  We are enjoying raising our boys in Fremont and on the farm.”  See a photo of Tommy and Drew at right.


Tana (Swiatlowski) Schaendorf writes: “Our home is in Grand Haven, Michigan. Married in April 2005. My son Jagger, now 11 months old, was born in May 2006. I am currently a Social Worker for the State of Michigan.  I have a Masters Degree from Aquinas College in Elementary Education with Health, PE and Rec. Minor. My Husband Josh is a manager of Macatawa Bank.  We love spending time together as a family and hope to expand soon!”


Allison (Towne) Gutierrez writes: “My husband and I have been married since 9/24/05 and have a 6-month old daughter Mia Rae. We are currently in the process of moving back to the Grand Rapids area from the Detroit area (Waterford).  Not sure if we will be able to make the 15 year….but will try for sure.”


NOVEMBER 2006: A baby shower for Laura (Miller) Sullivan (seated). Back row: Lauren Stroschin, Sara (Glaser) Wolfsen, Audrey (Johnivan) Wright and Val (Brant) Van Sickle.  Laura and her husband Brian welcomed their first baby, a healthy baby girl, in February.  Val and Rick are expecting their third baby any day now!

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